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Toledo Bend Reservoir and fishing information

Toledo Bend Reservoir is a reservoir which also serves as a fishing lake on the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana. With 1,200 miles of Lake Shoreline, there is an unlimited advantage to recreational development.

The facilities around the Toledo bend reservoir serves many functions including swimming, boating, picnicking, camping, fishing, hunting and tourism.

Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report April 2014

  • April is appearing to be a strong month for fishing due to the following reasons.
  • Cool fronts still appearing our weather with milder and shorter in duration.
  • More rain before April 14, good for fishing now.
  • More boat traffic on days with good weather. Less on days with not so good but nice.
  • Fishing started to rise past several days and must be for about 2 to 3 months.
  • Cold winter much more than normal spring and water temperature with fishing patterns remain behind normal in 2 to 3 weeks.
  • More bass spawn on the full moon of April likely to appear on the 15th making April a good and strong month in fishing.

Lake Level

Lake level at 170.7 with winds having more impact on this kind of lake levels. Read more Toledo fishing report from Joe Jocelin’s page.

Toledo bend lake map

toledo bend reservoir map


Toledo bend reservoir fishing guides crappies

Apart from the largemouth bass species in the Toledo reservoir, crappies are also one of the most anticipated fishes most anglers love to catch. To be able to catch crappies as a newbie or as an added knowledge to your experience. The following are some of the crappie fishing guide books to look for.

crappie how to catch them spring and summer ebook

Crappie: how to catch them spring and summer. This book talks about all the technical guidelines you may need to equip your

actions and strategies in catching crappies. There is so much to learn about crappie fishing that this book surely can’t describe them all but however, certain key steps and information are essential to both the beginner and the professional.

If you are very fanatic about crappie fishing and love to see your friends and family see your crappie fishing record outstanding, this is it.

Panfish : This is also another complete freshwater fishing techniques and detail information with guidelines to not only catch crappies but other fishes like sunfish, white bass and yellow perch as well.

Written by the editors of Creative Publishing international. This writers have written several bestselling titles in fishing, hunting, home repair and many practical books. This Panfish book is one of them.


Toledo bend reservoir cabins, motels and resorts

This sector list all the cabins, motels and resorts around the Toledo bend lake. Anglers traveling from afar will find these places far more interesting and remarkable. Courtesy from Here are the summary list of most place around the Toledo bend lake.

wildwood resort

Wildwood Resort: Wildwood resort: A 40 acres rolling pine covered hills, six ponds, beautiful view galore around Toledo bend. Place to enjoy and relax with 39 cabins , and not only for anglers and fishermen but also for honeymoon , and other amenities like conference halls and also for special memories for families business events.

Anglers will love the fish and boating amenities like Fishing pier , fish cleaning area ,boat ramp, guide services kayaks  canoes and 6 fishing ponds. more and rates




South Toledo bend state park

South Toledo bend state park: One of the newest editions to the state park system. This state park has won the heart of many

locals and visitors. This park is located close to the Toledo bend Dam on the southern far side of the lake.

They offer RV camping and cabins. Located at Anacoco Louisiana at the 120 bald Eagle area. South Toledo bend state park features interpretative center on information about boots, fish and the wildlife native to the area. With fishing and boating amenities especially their boat ramp. Designated swimming area and Beach.



big bass marina

Big Bass Marina: Big bass marina is located half way between the Pendleton Bridge at the south end of the lake and the Toledo Bend Dam. They offer comfortable and convenient facilities on the water with boat launch, docking area and marine fuel and restaurant on site.

If you are looking for a closer place to the Toledo lake, this is one of the places to be. Fishing and boating amenities like bait and tackle, live bait, fish cleaning facilities,fishing pier and boat storage for about 52 floating vessels. Guide service on call and landing facilities. Boat ramp with lowest usable level. Read more and rates



Hodges Gardens state park

Hodges Gardens state park: Hodges Gardens is located 15 miles south on U.S. Highway 171. It was originally established and opened in 1956 by A.J Hodges Sr who was an oil businessman. With over 700 acres of land with cultivated flora.

Water from a 225 acre lake is pumped from the lake to waterfalls, a geyser, pools and fountains and again recycled back to the Toledo lake to keep the small reservoirs and lakes fresh and natural. Read More and rates




Army Rec Center

Army Rec Center: Located in the south end of the Toledo Bend Lake is the Army Rec Site. This site is only active to Military personnel and government employees. Their park offers convenience store with maintainable fleet of pontoon boats,bass boats,bay boats,kayaks, and canoes for rent. With a nice and developed beach and bath house.

Fishing and boating amenities like bait and tackle, live bait(cold worms), fishing cleaning area,fishing pier,kayak and canoe rental,boat ramp, paddle boat on site and landing facilities. More and rates




Tranquility Bay

Tranquility Bay: Located in the central part of the lake off Hwy. 1215. With new concrete RV pads with 50 amps. Bunkhouse and cabins with unique decorative accessories. Lodging details with one two-room bunkhouse, one bunkhouse sleeps 20. cabins include refrigerators and grills. Outdoor pavilion meeting facilities. Fishing and boating amenities include fishing pier, boat ramp,fish cleaning areas, boat storage and guide service. More and rates





Pirates cove Toledo bend

Pirates cove Toledo bend: Pirates cove is located on the water and on the south end of the lake. With convenient access to Toledo Bend with its large launch area. With a lowest usable level of 157 msl. Features new store and restaurant, cedar cabins on the water’s edge and onsite large dock with fishing area. Pirates cove restaurant named Cajun Cafe with Seafood Buffet on Friday nights, Breakfast Buffet on Saturday and Sunday and the Sunday launch Buffet.

Fishing and Boating amenities include live bait, fish cleaning area, fishing pier, certified scales, referral on guide services, boat ramp and landing facilities. More and rates



toledo bend resort

Toledo Bend Resort: Located on the far southern shores of the lake close to the Toledo bend dam at the 350 Toledo Resort Dr in Anacoco, Louisiana. They offer RV camping and cabins. Lodging details include refrigerators and microwaves in cabins. grills at all cabins. Fishing and amenities like bait and tackle, boat ramp. Recreational amenities like swimming area, playground, beach and pond. Food and refreshments, 3 nearby restaurants.


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