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sun dolphin kayak review with bali 10 ss journey and excursion

Sun dolphin kayak review with other dolphin products

sun dolphin kayak review: Bali ss kayak

Kl industries are the sole manufacturers of sun dolphin kayaks. KL industries have been in the system for over 23 years and still continues to shine with the making of quality fishing boats and kayaks.

With materials made in the finest and durable quality process like the ISO 9001 certified facility. The most important aspect of the sun dolphin’s kayak is the use of the UV stabilized and High-Density Polyethylene to manufacture its products. Because KL industry has the capacity to manufacture and extrude thermoform and polyethylene sheets. They can bend and create the best designs and cut their own prototypes.

This knowledge will help you to be able to pinpoint what is best suited for you. The following are the list of most reviewed and rated kayak products by sun dolphin.

Note: The price tags (= less than $500) , ($$ = greater than $500 less than $1000) ($$$ = greater than $1000 less than $2000)

Image kayak Features Price Rating type
Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 sit in kayak hull design optimum combination,
tracking and turning,
deluxe adjustable seat high back support,
adjustable foot braces,
spray deflector collar,
length:10 inches, width: 30 inches, height: 13 inches,weight: 40 lbs, capacity 250 lbs.
$ 4.4 sit-in
Sun Dolphin Bali SS Kayak 12 maximum stability, tracks and paddles,
Portable accessory carrier,
for extra storage,
tow behind or backpack,
dry storage compartment,
shock cord deck rigging,
flush mount fishing rod holders,
protective thigh pads,
adjustable foot braces,
paddle holder,
length 120 ”,
width: 30 ”,
height: 11 ”,
weight : 44 lbs,
weight capacity: 250 lbs,
shipping weight: 51lbs
$$$ 4.1 sit-in
Sun Dolphin Journey ss 12 kayak Two flush mount rod holders,
One swivel rod holder,
Rectractable carrying handles,
Open cockpit, easiest entry,
Large comfortable seating area,
Dry storage compartment,
Portable Accessory Carrier,
Tow behind or backpack,
Adjustable foot braces,
Shock cord deck rigging,
Protective thigh pads,
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs,
Shipping Weight: 51 lbs.
$$ 4.4 sit-in
Sun dolphin Aruba ss kayak 12 Tracks and paddles,
ease with maximum stability,
Portable Accessory Carrier,
Extra storage,
tow behind or backpack,
Flush mount fishing rod holders,
Protective thigh pads,
Adjustable foot braces,
Retractable carrying handles,
Covered Console,
Cord deck rigging,
Weight:47 lbs,
Weight Capacity:395 lbs,
Shipping Weight: 59 lbs
$$ 3.8 sit-in
Sun Dolphin bali ss sit on top kayak 8ft Portable Accessory Carrier,
Extra storage compartment,
Shock cord deck rigging,
Dry storage compartment,
paddle holder,
Open cockpit, easiest of entry,
Adjustable foot braces,
Length: 96 ”,
Weight:30 lbs,
Shipping Weight:37 lbs
$ 3.7 sit-on-top
Sun Dolphin blue sea quest 10 Includes paddle,
Storage compartment,
shock cord deck rigging,
Non-slip foot pads,
Recessed cooler area with strap,
Non-slip foot pads,
5 carrying handle locations,
Weight:50 lbs,
Weight Capacity:230 lbs.
$$ sit-on-top
sun dolphin excursion sit in 12 kayak Includes paddle,
One swivel rod holder,
Two flush mount rod holders,
Covered console,
Retractable carrying handles,
Large open cockpit,
Protective thigh pads, Deluxe adjustable seat high back support,
Portable Accessory Carrier, Extra storage, tow behind backpack,
Rugged UV stabilized,
Fortiflex High-Density Polythylene,
Water bottle holder,
Weight:47 lbs,
Weight Capacity: 395 lbs,
$$  4.0 sit-in
Sun Dolphin Sportsman Fishing Boat Protective vinyl rub rail,
Removable swivel seats,
Pre-wired electric trolling motor,
Formed battery location,
Recessed drink and tackle holders,
Rugged UV-protective rub rail,
Durable seat supports,
Built-in rear motor mount,
Adjustable seats,
Easily fit into truck bed,van for transport,
Meets CE,US Coast Guard safety standards,
Convenient Handrails,
Length: 102”,
Weight:100 lbs,
Weight Capacity: 550 lbs,
HP rating: 3HP
$$ 4.5 sit-in,stand in, sit -on top
Sun dolphin pro fishing boat 9.4 feet Twin swivel fishing chairs,
Live-well with drain,
Stern trolling motor plug,
Bow deck reinforced accessory mounting,
Fits in the back of pick up, no trailer need,
High Density polyethylene construction,
easy to carry,Meets NMMA/USCG//CE safety standards,
Weight: 150 lbs,
Length: 9.4 feet,
Width: 55 ”,
Height: 16.5”,
HP Rating: 5 HP,
Transom Height: 15”
$$$ 3.2 sit-in
Sun dolphin pro 120 two seat 11/2 fishing boat Carpeted casting platforms,
better grip less slip,
Large aerated livewell,
Aerated livewell,
Battery compartment,
Padded swivel seats,
Front storage compartment,
Aluminum ribbing,
Three front cooler drainage storage compartments,
Pre-wired for front mount trolling motor,
Rugged UV stabilized fortiflex high density,
Polyethylene deck and hull,
Polyurethane foam injected floor, aluminum stringers added,
Depth: 24”,
Weight: 238 lbs,
Capacity: 649 lbs,
HP Rating: 15 HP,
Beam: 62”
$$$ sit-in

Their unique design in kayak manufacturing makes them one of the giants when we talk about kayak industry. Even though this review targets what is best for fly fishing and anglers, I will do my best to add other sun dolphin products not related to fly fishing but for general kayaking to help those not looking for fishing kayaks.Other fishing kayak products from sun dolphin include the Sit-in fishing kayaks like the Excursion 10 and the Excursion 12 ss. Sit-On Fishing from sun dolphin includes the Journey 10 ss and Journey 12 ss. If you are into professional or like to house the whole family unto the lakes or rivers for fishing, you can try the sun dolphin pro 120 which is built for large capacity.

Buying a kayak requires one simple knowledge which is very essential. You must know the type of kayak for fishing and the type of kayak for sports kayaking. You should also consider the types of kayaks in the system as regards to the capabilities of each product , features like materials made with, how long the product will last based on it material, weight of the product against your weight to compare with the weight capacity of the kayak on the water to prevent accident and sinking.

Or you might want to consider knowing the unique functions and characteristics these kayaks possess so you will choose the best for your speciality. You should consider the purpose of sit-in kayaks and the purpose of sit-on-top kayaks, your weight against the water, how feasible you can carry the kayak about from your home to the shores and also consider how you will be able to transport the kayak on your vehicle.

Since transporting these kayaks sometimes become very difficult if your vehicle is small and your kayak is long or heavy, you should also consider the law guiding your State on transporting these kayaks and other ticketing issues to prevent your kayak recreational journey been ransacked by the police.

I will do my best to draw down what is to be known for each of the above-listed kayaks and fishing boats. This information is the most important in case you want to purchase one of these products.

I will start from top to down with the sun Aruba. The most peculiar thing about the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 sit-in kayak is its comfortable seating relaxation feature. It is most suited for recreational kayaking if you want to enjoy paddling. It is great for rivers and lakes. its also cost effective when you compare to others like the Journey SS or the Bali SS in terms of price which is low.  As at this moment writing this article, the sun Aruba 10 is 400 dollars less on Amazon. If you are looking for a low budget but more functional kayak for fishing then this kayak should be your choice.

To be fair, the problem with this product is the small cockpit it has. It is not suitable for huge and big persons not heavier than 250 pounds. It was made for low baggage transportation. Apart from it suitable feature when you want to enjoy the speed of kayaking, it can also be used for a single person recreational and meditation when on a trip. If you feel like want to be on the lakes or rivers alone just to have peace of mind and alone with less baggage, then this kayak is best for you.

Its also has other functions like the adjustable foot brace which allows stretching of the legs to suit your position. Its sleek design adds more speed and agility when on the water. Most suitable for a one-person capacity.  You should consider this kayak if you want a self-meditation and kayak journey on the water. You may check the price from here.

The sun dolphin bali ss kayak 12 is a genius as compared to the Aruba 10 sit in kayak. its storage space is greater and more relaxing. Its built purposely for more baggage and easy to mount a fish finder. Another cute thing about this kayak is if you happen to have a prime account on Amazon, you will not be billed on shipping. You will get a free shipping from $130 to $200. This kayak is most perfect for family fun on the water with more fun because of it huge space room for extra baggage. It’s most suitable for family use. Therefore the only drawback as compared to the previous kayak is its price difference. This cost more than the Aruba 10 sit in kayak. But with great features. You may check the price from here.

The  Sun Dolphin Journey ss 12 kayak is even far greater than the dolphin Bali ss kayak. its large comfortable seating area very flexible and can take a weight of about 395 pounds as compared to the above previous kayaks. With two flush mount holders and a swivel plus paddles, you get the privilege of not buying paddles when buying new from Amazon. If you are starting fishing and want to profit from all the functions and features you should stick to this one.

The drawbacks to this are it a price which is a little bit higher than Aruba’s and the Bali’s. Another is there are no scupper plugs. That means water in stays until you remove it with a bilge pump, or land it, and tip it over. But apart from that, you get an extra space of bungee and cockpit. If you are not all that fond of scupper plugs then this kayak should be a great choice for most professional anglers.

The Sun dolphin Aruba ss kayak 12 is likely and similar to the Aruba dolphin ss 10, the difference is it tracks and paddles with ease with maximum stability. This is great for a larger comfortable seating area. If you are not a savvy in kayaking, this product will not be suitable for you as you need more extra savvy techniques to drive and manoeuvre it with it large open cockpit. The drawback is if you are not into professional kayaking, it will leave some bruises because of it shallow opening. But if you have used the previous kayaks and are savvy in kayaking and fishing, this product will be great for you.

You will have an extra large cockpit area to carry more baggage. Another great feature about this kayak is the waterproof feature of it black storage case on the stern. With a tiny opening which is good for handling cell phones and other smaller accessories.
Another great feature is it fishing capability. It was actually built for fishing so it won’t beat the speed of the Aruba series. It a slow-moving kayak which is ideal for fishing and staying at a particular area for some time.

The Sun Dolphin bali ss sit on top kayak 8ft kayak is perfect for family fun on the water. This is essential for all ages especially kids and teenagers. This kayak is good for amateurs. It is not great for a professional angler of fisherman. Its suitable for a camping adventure. Another advantage is its backrest which supports when paddling. Another great feature is it built in waterproof compartment for supporting your phone. This kayak is purposely built for pleasure and easing of the mind on the water as far recreational hobby is a concern. If you want to surprise your family on a kayak trip then this should be your choice.

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