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Sevylor inflatable kayak : review

sevylor inflatable kayak

The sevylor inflatable kayak fish hunter is a 2-person fishing or hunting kayak which is made of a very super heavy duty 26 gauge PVC.

With two air chambers for security which enables the angler or paddler to have an extra air chamber when there is a puncture problem. It I beam floor for stability makes it more straight and firmly over the water.

With it specially designed inflatable seats and with it comfortable and relaxed back support for extra cushion.

It seats are specifically designed for long hours on the lakes and rivers. With another two spray covers for protection and it unidentified camouflage color.

This holds up to 400 pounds capacity and measures 10 inches, 9 inches by 2 inches and 4 inches. Mostly called The Tahiti Fishing or Hunting inflatable kayak, it is based on Sevylor Company’s classical model since the year 1963.
The kayak fish hunter is designed not to leak with an exclusive airtight system with a feature of its Double lock valves to prevent accidental puncture or help speed up easy inflation or deflation. The kayak is certified with the national marine manufacturers association and holds much value in the kayak industry as one of the most popular and durable inflatable kayaks.

The sevylor inflatable kayak is most suitable for people living in congested and non-spaced environment and finds it very difficult to carry a polyethylene kayak or non-inflatable kayak. When you are done with your fishing and arrived on shore, you just fold it up and place it in your bag.

it can be rolled under your bed until you are ready to go inflatable kayak fishing. This is best for such situations. It can be easily carried and packed into a backpack with it other accessories like the Coleman 12 volt dc quick air pump, the Sevylor spare parts kit or the intex kayak paddle or boat oars. Most people also prefer to buy this kayak with it customized design sevylor heavy duty aluminum paddle.

The two spray covers will help to remove wetness from your legs dry when it hit or suddenly crush an object on the lake or rivers. With it rigid floor makes it appropriately stable on the water.


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The Sevylor Fish Hunter specifications

  • Tube: Tubular I-beam floor for stability
  • Seat: 2 padded seats, backrest
  • Security: 2 chambers, security when snagged
  • Handle: Shallow water cord handles
  • Dryness: Front Back spray covers keeps legs dry
  • Valves: Double lock fast valves
  • Max capacity: 400 pounds, 181 kg
  • Skeg: directional skeg not included for easier maneuvering
  • NMMA certified
  • Dimensions: 10 feet, 4 inches x 2 feet, 9 inches

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