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Norcross Hawkeye F33p Fish Finder Review with manual and price

The Norcross Hawkeye f33p fish finder is a  product manufactured by Norcross Marine Products Inc.

Norcross marine products inc is a renowned marine company which manufacture products from Fishfinders, Boat Mount Depth Finders, Hand Held Depth Finders, Portable Fish finders and Electronic Fish Scales.

This article talks about the Hawkeye fish finder and reviews it characteristics and functions. Norcross brand-names include HawkEye, NorChill and iClear. Norcross main mission is it to provide outdoor enthusiasts with quality products, with unsurpassed service through customer-focused innovation.

Unlike the Garmin echo 100 which is a little bit expensive or the Garmin echo 500c which is far more advanced to use but with great features, the Norcross hawkeye is less expensive and portable to use. It does what it was made to do. Find fish. If you are not looking for other GPS features but just to get your hands on a simple fish finder to find fishes or If you are looking for an easier and faster way to catch fish with a good transducer and a simplified process, you better try this product.

NorCross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder

Norcross HawkEye F33P Fish Finder

If you are looking for a low budget Fishfinder and a capable one, this is your answer.  I am talking about a fishfinder that can detect the fishes underwater with small AAA batteries. This is very portable to use because of it ability to fit a single palm and also fit into one’s pocket.

The Hawkeye F33P fish finder appears to be the only fish finder product from Norcross and is, however, doing great in the international and local markets because of it one advantage. The ability to transport easily and placed in small bags or in the fisherman’s pocket.

Even though it displays pictures in a black and white mode, its accuracy is unquestionable. With an ultra wide 25-degree sonar beam angle and a delivering accuracy of depth with fish and bottom structure readings. This device is also operational to a low degrees Fahrenheit at cold temperatures like ice fishing areas.

It also includes a trollable, floatable and mountable 35 feet of cable and cable tie-strap.
Another advantage about this product is how exceptionally easy it is to operate. All you have to do is switch it on and toss the sonar sensor from the shoreline bridge, boat or kayak and start viewing pictures from the feeds. It can also display depth scale, a two-stage audible fish alarm which helps the fisherman to known when fishes appear. It also displays weeds and contour readings. Its SideScan adapter can also be attached to a broomstick handle to scan weeds or any herbs on and under the water. It also comes with mounting tabs for hull mounting to your kayaks or canoes.

Another great advantage is it powered AAA batteries with can support it for about 20 hours. It is connected with a USB cable with a 2.3 inches size and also a pixel resolution of 160x 132.

But the most important aspect is recognizing the symbols on your fish finders and been able to know when a school of fishes appear on your screen. The Norcross HawkEye F33P fishfinder can fit ones palm and is easy to use with it portability. A marine tool ideal for fishermen with a low budget not able to buy the more expensive fishfinders.

This device uses ultra wide 25-degree sonar beam angle and will deliver accurate depth with fish and bottom structures reading from 1.5 to 100 feet. This device is operational down to zero degrees Fahrenheit and includes trollable, floatable, mountable and sonar sensor with 35 feet cable with a tie strap.

Most people reviewed this product by saying although it doesn’t show vivid contours as accurate as other advanced fishfinders will, this device will indicate the type of bottom structures like weeds, rocks, stumps with great accuracy.
Fishes are indicated, features and weeds are indicated.



HawkEye products are also purposely made to provide technologically advanced and economic solutions for boating and fishing lifestyles. Their marine products range from digital sounders to fish finders and integrated Original Equipment Manufacturers. Solutions.

In 2001, Norcross invented the next generation portable fish finder product unto the market. The advantage of this product was it easiest way to transport it from one’s pocket to any remote area. It was not heavy and save more space for the fisherman to travel with.

They continued later with after ten years with a push on portability, flexibility and value by looking at how kayaks, boats and canoe operate well with more functions to help the fisherman find fishes faster.

They then released the Norcross Hawkeye F33P fish finder with most of the top functions every fish finder is supposed to possess. As well as this product is able to pinpoint fishes with readings from 1.5 to 99.9 feet makes it a good choice for most low budget fishermen and anglers looking to find a good technology to catch fishes as soon as possible.




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