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2017 Malibu Stealth 14 Fish and Dive Package

Malibu Stealth 14 Fish and Dive Package Review

2017 malibu stealth 14 kayak review

Malibu kayaks are one of the professional designers and kayak company specifically targeting recreational anglers especially the professional ones. They also target family and amateur anglers and diving kayaks for adventurous and expeditions.

With a very high performance in terms of speed, the Malibu stealth 14 fish and dive package should be a choice when looking for bait tank system and casting platform. With unparalleled stability which makes the angler savvier. This kayak is designed for both amateur and professional. If you are into live bait, then this kayak is the perfect one.

Its incredible features for the angler like the patented centre and bait tank system which stores and prevents the bait from deteriorating and exposure to sunlight or water.
The patented casting platform as an apparatus with a frame which is attached to the bow of the kayak. It supports the thereon with a body support rail and can be attached to a fishing line.

The 2 front rod holders for holding two of your rods for convenient and extra angling functions. Another two-rod holder at the rear side of the kayak for another extra angling. All you have to do is set them up and wait while doing something else. A comfortable seating system with extra orthopaedic materials for relaxing the butt and supporting long sitting position. Just like the perceptions sports kayak and the sun dolphin kayak, its package also has adjustable foot track system for a comfortable and preferred length of placing your foot at your desired position.

With a bungee system and a Deluxe hinged with a front gator hatch, your other and extra fishing tackles or other stuff can be tied to the bungee and some placed at the front gator hatch. With a 45 degree live well rear hatch with bag and a rear tank well with a bungee system, you have all the features and functions a professional angler with a kayak is supposed to have.

A cup holder for holding your liquids or drinking water, an Eyelets or pad eyes for an extra holding of fishing gear or attach lines. You get an advantage of not installing a custom eyelet and using a bolt or a pop rivet. This saves time.

A drain plug with base placed at the stern of the kayak making water to be drained upon removal. All you have to do is unscrew it gently and the water will submerge easily from the kayak. The 2017 Malibu stealth 14 also includes nylon hooks and bow and stern handles for handling. Nylon is much stronger than other materials and water resistance. If not exposed to fire or sharp knife, your nylon hook is a lifelong hook.
With side carry handles and paddle holders, you get all the benefits from a professional kayak company, Malibu.


  • Width: 33 inches at beam
  • Depth: 12 inches
  • Length: 14 feet, 4 inches
  • Maximum capacity: 550 pounds

Malibu 14 video Review

Malibu kayaks professional staff member Nick Dyroff shows the stability of the stealth 14 with seminars at the bass pro shops in Orlando.

Malibu Kayak History

Malibu kayaks were established in 1999. It started with an introduction of the Pro Explorer. Their aim was to make kayaks for hardcore enthusiasts. They also focused on recreational paddlers, anglers and fitness experts for kayaking and exercise. For more than ten years, the Malibu kayaks company has created kayaks based on what is important for the angler.
These important features include stability, versatility and dry seating. These elements are not often associated with sit on top kayaks.
Their products ranged from the Pro explorer to the Extreme, and then the Pro 2 Tandem. Then they also introduced the X-Factor, the hardcore fish and dive kayak and then the mini-X.

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