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Lowrance fish finder reviews

Lowrance fish finder reviews: A detailed analysis of  Lowrance and their top 5 fish finder products.

When you are out on the water, every morning is different. Every day, different. That’s what keeps blowing us back, again and again. The promise of something new, something exciting. The promise of memories will keep forever. Fishing is a simple pleasure, really.

The one that makes us feel connected. makes us feel alive. and when you are lying titans and your rod bands, it doesn’t matter if you are six year old or a tournament pro.That buzz of excitement always feels the same way. Its the moment we live for. This is why Lowrance has produced to become one of the top GPS combo fishfinder products.

“Perhaps I should not have been a fisherman,” he thought, “but that was the thing i was born for. ”
– Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man And The Sea

FROM DARRELL LOWRANCE The founder of Lowrance:  More than fifty years ago we wanted to change the way people fish. Moving off the shoreline to where we knew the fish were larger and much more fun to catch on light tackle. So we gave fishermen the ability to see individual fishes under the boat. Ever since the little green box, Lowrance has been driven to bring innovative products to provide real benefits to anglers.

Below are the most top reviewed and top best seller fish finder products from Lowrance. They have been hand picked and reviewed based on their performance rate, selling rate and user reviews and ratings. If you are looking for the top products from Lowrance. You are looking at them.


Image Fishfinder Features Price Rating
Lowrance Mark-4 Combo Base Fish finder and Chartplotter Led Grayscale Display ,
Ultra-accurate Internal Gps Antenna,
Tilt and Swivel Bracket,
Dual 83/200 KHz Operation–up To 120¡ ,
300 Watt 83/200KHz fishfinder,
4-Inch greyscale LCD
$$ 4.3
Lowrance Elite-4x DSI Color Fish finder Led Color Display,
Downscan Imaging(tm) ,
Ultra-accurate Internal Gps Antenna,
Tilt and Swivel Bracket,
Faster, Smooth 1-hand Control,
3.5-Inch color LCD,
350 Watt Down Scan Imaging,
$$ 4.9
Lowrance HDS-5 Gen2 Lake Insight Transducer Exclusive High-Resolution Color Display,
Fast Chart Updates,
Real-time Structure map(tm) ,
Data and Maps Underwater view,
Broadband Sounder(tm),
Depths To 3,000 Ft,
Internal Gps Antenna,
5-inch color SolarMax LCD,
Combination Chart Plotter/Depth Sounder
$$ 4.2
 Lowrance X-4 Fish finder 200KHz Transom Mount Transducer 4″ Lcd Display,
High-detail 240v X 160h Pixel Definition,
4-level Gray Scale Resolution,
Screen Backlighting,
Selectable Deep Water, Shallow Water,
Fish Alarm Alerts,
$ 3.6
Lowrance Hds-12 Gen2 Touch Insight 83/200 And Lss-2 Transom Mount Transducers Display Widescreen 16:9; WXGA TFT LCD,
Resolution 1280 x 800,
Power Output: RMS (PTP) Max 250W RMS 30000W
Operating Frequency(50/200 or 83/ 200 kHz) + 455/800 kHz
Languages 36,
Media Port 2 SD (full size)
 Lowrance HDS-10 Gen2 Insight USA 83/200 kHz TM Transducer Basemap Yes,
Card Format SD,
Cartography – Preloaded Yes,
Cartography Brand Navionics,
Cartography Type Platinum/Gold/Hotmaps

“Every day is a new day. It is better to be lucky. But I would rather be exact. Then when luck comes you are ready.”
– Hemingway

Before the above high-performance technology products from Lowrance, they invented the first consumer sonar device in 1957 which was known as the little green box. Ever since Lowrance has been a leader in marine electronics with innovations and new ideas improving the techniques and ways to help anglers and fishermen catch great fish and find their way back.

In 2008, they introduced the first High Definition System (HDS) Multifunction fish finder. Then they continued to launch more and new products with great features. Fishfinder features like structure-scan HD with SideScan, DownScan Imaging with picture-like views, Broadband Sonar, Trackback review for scrolling live sonar history, low power and high definition Broadband 4G Radar.
These features help to create more advantages for both professional anglers and amateur anglers.
Lowrance’s main focus has been to design products that simply provide the most meaningful benefits for anglers. Their goal is to help anglers quickly pinpoint the structure, transitions and another fish-holding cover.

After purchasing a Lowrance fish finder product, you get access to update their free software which provides more meaningful benefits and real innovations. Lowrance brand is privately held by the international corporation, Navico which is currently the world’s largest marine electronics company and other branch companies like Simrad Yachting and B & G.

Today Lowrance continues to build on it heritage of innovation. Enhances reputation for success. Helping regular folks catch more fish. Tournament pros catching more championships. Its a fact. More pro anglers count on Lowrance Sonar and any of their products.

Whether you are a tournament angler or a weekend angler on a kayak or boat. You measure success by making the most of your time on the water. Lowrance invented the fish finder. And we keep on innovating. Make better fishing tools that give you a meaningful advantage. We share our passion for fishing by giving you the performance you want.

We never forget your first fish. And we live that moment every time a child’s face light up with his own fish on the line. And when he grows up, most likely they will take his kids to fish too. That’s the way its always been. Traditions like this make us who we are. Fishing makes families stronger, connecting generations to generations on the water.
We go out and search for fish. and in the end, we find so much more.

Robert Frost

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