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Garmin Fish finder Reviews with the best selling

Garmin fish finder reviews. A review of the top-selling Garmin products with their features


garmin fish finder reviews

This post talks about one of the most popular GPS fishfinder manufacturers in the world. Garmin!! And their top selling products. If you are fond of game fishing especially angling with kayak or boat, then you are most likely to have one of Garmin’s fish finders, heard of them or probably have a budget with Garmin in mind.

Why am i saying this? Garmin has been noted as an international and public opened shared company which makes them a good competitor in the gps positioning manufacturing companies in the world. As of may 2014 more than 126 million GPS devices has been sold by Garmin. So i kind of started asking my self how and why such a company can make so much sales only selling GPS positioning systems.
What is their secret procedure? Well you may check the following table of the top rated Garmin fishfinder products before you read reviews or check out prices from amazon.

Below is a video about the Garmin echo series. check out.

Below is a table display of the top selling Garmin fishfinder products as of may 2014. Will be updating this table as the user ratings, sales and the feedback’s  from you guys are concern.


Image Fishfinder Features Price Rating
Garmin echo 500c fish finder 5 inches Liquid Crystal Display,
256 Colors,
1900 ft Max Depth Performance,
Quick release mount tilt and swivel,
Transducer w/ mounting bracket,
hardware and trolling motor clamp
$$ 4.3
Garmin Echo 100 fishfinder review 4″ display size,
Water temperature sensor,
Alarms great tones pop up,
Automatic Gaining techniques,
Quick Image Processing Screen Updates,
600 ft depth performance,
60 degrees beam up width,
100 watts Transmitting power,
8-level gray scale,
Garmin HD-ID technology
$ 4.5
Garmin GPSMAP 547xs 10Hz 5″ VGA display,
10Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver,
HD-ID™ sonar,
Wireless connectivity,
U.S. coastal and inland mapping
$$ 4.9
Garmin echo 200 Fishfinder  5 inches display
Hi resolution grayscale
1,500 ft max depth performance
300 watt (RMS)
Power cable
Transducer w/ mounting bracket,hardware trolling clamp
$$ 4.5
Garmin echo 300c Dual-Beam Fishfinder 3.5 inches display size,
256 colors,
1,500 ft max depth performance,
quick release mount with tilt and swivel,
power cable,
33 watt (RMS)
$ 4.5
Garmin echo 150 Dual-Beam Fishfinder 4 inches Display Size,
8 level Grayscale,
1300 ft Max Depth Performance,
160 x 256 Display Resolution,
200 Watts (RMS) power,
Exclusive HD-ID Tracking Technology,
Mount & Go, Power Cable, Echo 150
$ 4.5
Garmin Echo 551dv Worldwide with Transducer Fishfinder includes echo 551dv,
4 pin all in one with 77/200 khz HD ID,
color display,
480 x 640 VGA,
2,300 feet maximum,
history rewind of 4,000 W peatk-to-peak power,
$$ 5.0



Before we delve into their products and characteristics and what makes Garmin products tick, here are some basic information about Garmin. Garmin was established in 1989 by Gary Burrell  and Min Kao. These business men were working colleagues at the same company Magnavox while working for King Radio.


Garmin echo 500c fish finder review

garmen echo 500c fish finder

If you are looking for an accurate depth fish finder, this device is the one. With a strong mounting system and a stable with easy adjustment, the Garmin echo 500c fish finder possesses unique qualities like the Quick release mount with tilt and swivel, An Echo 500c , a 1900 ft depth , a transducer and a good Documentation.

All you have to do is to read the quick documentation, if you really want to use this product effectively. But if you are a quick starter like me, you will start using it until you reach a point you are unfamiliar, then you search for your documentation

With an excellent performance as stated by most reviewers from amazon and eBay. What most people were complaining about was the initial and already built tutorial mode which is activated the first time you start to use this product.
The tutorial mode will guide any newbie to be able to use this product as fast as they can but most experience anglers and fishermen finds it a little difficult to take it off from tutorial mode to the manual mode or normal mode.
You can check out taking off from tutorial mode from the manual. With a full speed at the 200 hertz, This device will still read up to about 400 inches while your kayak or boat cruise at about 30 miles per hour.

Read more reviews of this product from amazon.

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