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Garmin echo 500c fish finder review with detailed analysis

Garmin echo 500c fish finder review with what is best, good and bad

garmin echo 500c fish finder

Short History about Garmin

Garmin was founded in Lenexa Kansas United states in 1989 by Gary Burrell and Min Kao. Since 2010 its headquarters is located in Schaffhausen Switzerland. Garmin’s main products include GPS receivers and Avionics. Their revenue since 2011 went up to $2.76 billion with a net income of $733 million.

Unlike the echo 100 which is a bit portable and cheap price, the Garmin echo 500c fish finder has made tremendous remark through user comments, rates and good reviews throughout major websites like amazon and eBay. The echo 500c is what anyone looking for a productive, competent, modern and cost effective gps combo fish finder to buy must look for.

This review talks about the pros and cons and enables the user to judge for themselves the benefits of buying and using one against other gps fish finder products.

So some of the questions to be asked in this review is how did they reach this level of achievement. What is so peculiar about Garmin products that makes them sell enough to dominate the gps and fish finder markets? What is their secrets? Well the answers to those questions are actually not within the scope of this fish finder review. However, i will try to pin point some major strategies displayed by Garmin to achieve such a tremendous remarks. All these are concepts to let you know how effective and beneficial the Garmin echo 500c fish finder is.

The echo 500c fish finder is a gps fish finder product with a 5-inch liquid crystal display (LCD), a 256 color display and a 1900 ft max depth performance when activated. It has a weight of 1.1 pounds with a dimension of 1.8 x 6 x 5.9 inches. It runs on 1 non standard battery. It first appeared on the market around September 2011.



Garmin Echo 500c video review

With a watts (RMS) power of 500, a depth down to 1900 ft, your sonar beam spawn to a greater height and depth to find various organic and inorganic structure just to enable the fisherman or the navigator find their way to their destination.

When you purchase this product, you get the echo 500c, a quick release mount with a tilt and swivel. A Transducer w/ mounting bracket with hardware and a trolling motor clamp. You also get a documentation and a power cable.

Looking for a great fish finder to buy? You got it.


Easy Installation: The echo 500c installation will take not more than 10 minutes if manual is read correctly. Using the quick release tilt and mount with the versatile transom mount and transducer which is added in the package when you purchase.

Stable Mounting System: As you install this product with it mounting system, you will find out how stable it is. Most users remarked a very easy adjustable mounting system if set up properly when documentation is followed well.

Smooth Auto ranging: With a smooth auto ranging, you will not find a breakable shots. it runs smoothly without detecting any problem.

Excellent Performance: With a 120 degree coverage targeting fish beyond the size of your kayak or boat, you are presented with an advantage of scanning the bottom profiles down to a depth of 1900 ft which also displays pixel by pixel on the LCD display as processed by the transducer.

Cheap Price: With a fish finder as potent as this and a price range not as expensive as other fish finders with similar capabilities, the Garmin echo 500c fish finder has been used by Garmin as a marketing strategy to boom and reach a higher level of consumers. As i stated above. The idea of making this product cheap and cost effective yet with excellent and advanced technology has catapulted Garmin’s revenue to such a great height.

Clear Pictures: When you compare this product to the Norcross hawkeye f33p, even though you will notice a high margin price range with the hawkeye not even up to $70 as at July 2014, the hawkeye cant display vivid pictures the way Garmin echo 500c does. The Garmin echo 500c is purposely made to be viewed as a clear and exquisite crystal display. You will see every single sonar beam converted to great pictures for your viewing pleasure and navigational directions as well as noticing great and big fishes as they pass by.


98 percent sonar reading stability: sometimes the sonar readings may be lost for some few seconds but not to be dealt as a problem as this will not affect the outcome of either navigating or looking for fishes.

A little difficult to get out of tutorial mode: Some reviewers admitted not easy taking this product out of tutorial mode with it advanced features. However when you read the manual carefully or documentation well, getting it out of tutorial mode should be easy. (Tutorial mode: is an automatic direction on how to use this product with instructions based on steps showing the user how to use this product by clicking on selected commands on LCD display)


With the pros outweighing the cons. i will let you guys judge for yourselves. You can also comment and show us your take on this product. If its either a pros or cons. Remember your views and rates our comfortably welcomed. You may check the current price of the Garmin echo 500c fish finder from here.




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