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Garmin echo 300c dual-beam fishfinder review

Garmin echo 300c dual-beam fishfinder review with analysis

garmin echo 300c dual-beam fishfinder review

The Garmin Echo 300c fish finder is the only product in the market with price affordability and great features you can buy. When compared to other low budget fish finders like the Norcross Hawkeye or the Garmin echo 100 fishfinders this one takes the lead. Why am i saying this? Read on 

With a dual beam feature, premier sonar option, an HD -ID tracking, smooth scaling system, split screen system to separate the thermoclines from the fishes and auto gain technology, you are just ready to find out more about this product. If you are looking for a medium and portable fishfinder at an average price with an extra technical feature, then the Garmin echo 300c dual-beam fishfinder should be your choice.

However, if you are looking for more and advanced fishfinder products, you can check the best fishfinder gps combo list products to know more. The Garmin echo 300c displays more features than any other small and portable fishfinder anyone can find in the market. Read on to know these features am talking about.

The HD-ID (high definition identification) targets the tracking technology which provides a clear and possible detailed picture of what is under the water. With a system high dynamic range receiver which has been designed to be extra sensitive to echo signals whenever you drop your lines.

You also get a 300 watt (RMS) sounder with a viewing angle which is up to 120 degrees and bottom detail to 1,500 feet. When you purchase this product , you also get an uninterrupted view of sonar image with it smooth scaling technology which prevent you from loosing the sonar history as it changes depth range.

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Garmin Echo 300c dual-beam fishfinder further review (pros & cons)

Echo 300c Accessories :

  • echo 300c dual-beam fishfinder
  • Quick release mount
  • tilt and swivel
  • Power cable
  • Transducer w/
  • mounting bracket,
  • hardware and trolling motor clamp
  • Documentation


Product Specifications:

  • 3.5 inches display size,
  • 256-pixel colors,
  • 1500 ft maximum depth performance,
  • item weight:11.2 ounces
  • product dimensions: 2.8 x 4.1 x 5.8 inches,
  • batteries: 1 nonstandard battery,
  • resolution: 240 x 320
  • customer reviews: 4.5
  • shipping weight: 2.9 pounds,
  • brand name: Garmin

Product Features:


HD-ID Tracking: As I stated above, the high definition tracking system is specifically made by Garmin to improve their fish finder systems exclusively. The purpose is to be able to reveal vividly what is going on under the water. So far Garmin has done a tremendous job by adding such a highly technical approach to their fishfinder products.

The HD-ID shows these features by displaying pictures and screens of arches, structures, contours, objects, fishes and any moving and still underwater properties. It displays the Ultra-crisp fish arches are displayed to help view fished accurately and differentiate between organic and inorganic objects and structures.
smooth scaling system: The smooth scaling system was purposely designed as a technique to help the user track the sonar history. You can move back to the previous activity of what happened especially when you want to know when some fishes passed by.

This is normally essential when the angler or fisherman was doing something other than watching the fishfinder. This helps to know where and when schools of fishes or other structures are placed to help target angling.

split screen system & Auto Gain Technology: The split screen system was made to display both the fishes and other structures at the same time but yet separating the thermoclines from the screen. You get a price worth of dexterity and proficiency from this product. The Garmin echo 300 dual-beam fishfinders is also very accessible with its Auto Gain technology which keeps underwater clutter to a  minimum and expands the targets to a 300 watts transmitting power.

High Pixel Display During Daylight: the Highest display for the price. The Garmin echo 300c dual-beam fishfinder can be viewed even at a bright daylight. This feature is what makes this product exceptional from the other portable and low budget fishfinder products.

Low Power Consumption: With an amperage draw of average 0.9 amps which rounds up to 1 amp, when this is run on a 4.5 amp hour sealed lead with an acid battery, it will be able to sustain this fishfinder for about 4 hours before you can recharge if you are using this on a small boat or a kayak which has no external power to charge.
This product can be used by both professional anglers and amateurs but the good part is its simplicity. if you are in for advanced gps fishfinder features, you can or the Garmin GPSMAP 547xs 10Hz.  The Garmin echo 300c dual-beam fishfinder is exactly what its price is meant for with a good combination of features.

Easy Calibration: With the transducer placed at 2 feet below the water, when the calibration screen on the Garmin echo 300c is put to negative 2 feet, you will get the best from this product.

View Mode Difficulty: a little bit different and difficult to differentiate between the viewing modes. But once you read the manual and understate it usage, you will be good to go. This shouldn’t be a Cons but I thought have to list it out so anyone willing to purchase this product might check before using it to speed it proficiency.

Base/mount detaching difficulty: Reviewers have complained of a little difficulty when detaching the Garmin echo 300c dual-bean fishfinder from the mount base. If carefulness is not applied and the water appears to be deep, the product may slip the hands of the user. An alternative may be applied by using a kind of glue to attach 300c with a small rope or any form of adjustment so when removing from the tilt/mount, the supporting rope will hang it without falling.

Wiring: The wiring length of the transducer cable was designed for a normal boat length. This is not promising for smaller boats or kayaks which will leave an extra coil of wires displaced. It these wires are not protected well and since these wires are assembled little pieces together, they might break if not carefully placed on a path not disturbed.

This can be remedied by finding a way to house the wires out of the way from the user when on a kayak or a small boat. The thing is this product has extra more abilities and functions for its price that this can be overlooked.

Difficult to use if manual not read: If you don’t find the pleasure to read the good manual for the Garmin echo 300c and let say the transducer is not connected properly, the demo mode will be automatically displayed. This will not be pleasant for someone who hasn’t read the manual but as soon as you know this and connects the transducer properly, the normal mode takes over, sonar beam starts shooting, and organic and inorganic features starts popping up on the screen like fishes, contour structures and weeds.


This product is great for kayak fishing, the price is a little bit higher than the Norcross hawkeye or the Garmin echo 100 which are more portable than this one. But the great thing about this product is this product is great the best when you compare to other portable and fishfinders under $300.

If you are looking for a good product for your money, this is it. The great display features, powerful Garmin HD-ID tracking and most of all its great price for so many features from a fishfinder is all compact together. Three good things about this product to know before you purchase. 1. luminous colour display 2. sonar display and 3.  affordable price.

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