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Garmin Echo 100 fishfinder review with analysis

Garmin Echo 100 fishfinder review with analysis

Garmin echo 100 fishfinder review with what is best, good and bad

garmin echo 100 fishfinder

The Garmin echo 100 fishfinders is ideal for consumers looking for low budget fish finder products. Even though the price is a bit lower when compared to other fish finders like the Garmin echo 500c or the Lowrance fish finders.

It is similar to the Norcross Hawkeye f33p with the exception of their price difference with echo 100 costing a little bit higher than Hawkeye.

I will like to dive into the deep functions and discover why this product is superb for both professional and amateur fishermen and anglers. The device is very small but with great features and powerful technology.

With a gray-scale display which enables to limit the rate of it power usage by displaying in black and white colour mode. If this product was made to display in colour mode, the consumption of power would not have been stronger and longer in duration as it does.

With the popular state of the art Garmin fishing tracking technology, this device is all any fisherman need when looking for a low budget but yet with almost all the great features, a bigger fishfinder will exhibit and also with most of the required features of a standard gps position system requirements.

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  • 4 inch display size
  • Water temperature with sensor.
  • Alarms with great tones when fishes pop up.
  • Automatic Gaining techniques with minimization and maximization of targets.
  • Quick Image Processing Screen Updates
  • 600 ft depth performance maximum
  • 60 degrees beam up width
  • 100 watts Transmitting power.
  • 8-level gray scale
  • 600 feet maximum depth performance
  • Garmin HD-ID technology for excellent fish arc presentation.

Added Accessories and Functions

The Transducer: The Garmin echo 100 fishfinder is included a transducer and a mounting bracket and a hardware plus trolling motor camp. With a frequency of 200 Kilohertz from the transducer and a cone angle of 60 degrees, you get the privilege to examine the temperature and the depths of the water as you search for fish.

The Power: With a maximum power usage capacity of 100 watts of sonar power, It has been classified as one of the top and powerful cost-effective fishfinders on the market. With a voltage usage between the capacity of 10 volts to 20 volts. With a transmitting capacity of 100 Watts (RMS) per 800W which is a peat to peak. With a sonar frequency of 200 Kilohertz and a power cable to support it.

Easy to Use: This device is surely easy to use. It comes with a great manual. All you have to do is take your time and glance through the layout and instructional manual for quick installation when you want to mount it on your kayaks or boats. Or you just want to switch and start using it straight away by holding it because of its small size which is a little bigger than the Norcross Hawkeye f33p.

Portability: The ability and ease of transporting this device are very fast and will be very essential to most consumers or fishermen who want to open up more space in their kayaks or boat.With its quick tilt mount to easily assemble and reassemble it. It can be transported easily by holding it in the palms or placing it in the pocket. It can, however, be transported in a small bag without wasting much effort.

Great Display: This device has a 4 inches display and an 8 level greyscale. With a screen resolution of 160 pixels to 256 pixels. With a two-dimensional image display, you get the privilege to view a live animation of fishes as they pass by. It also enhances separation and defines the images with clear and detailed indications. The display size is 2.38 inches times 3.21 inches.

Looking for the Garmin 100 fishfinder to buy? You got it.


Garmin echo 100 fishfinder

Easy Installation: The echo 100 installation will take no more than 10 minutes if manual is read correctly. Both the amateur and the professional can install it easily by just reading the manual.

High Performance: Spectacular performance as compared to the echo 500c or the Norcross hawkeye fish finder.

Waterproof: The device is waterproof which makes it more encouraging to use as it encounters water or accidentally falls into the water. You will retrieve it with a good condition if you are able to pick it from the water as soon as possible.

Cost Effective: With a price range from $80 when purchasing a used one or a new one costing $150, the price is cost-effective as compared to the major big fish finders. And even though the price range is cost-effective, you still get more and good functionality which is a good value for money.

High Graphics Display: The device is equipped with high resolution of 160 pixels to 265 pixels which is far more greater for a product with such size and portability.



  1. Absence of dual beam.
  2. No display of water speed as compared to other fishfinders.
  3. The unit does not display the battery voltage directly.


The Garmin echo 100 fishfinders is one of the fastest moving products in the market apart from the Hawkeye f33p. If you are looking for portability, lower price rate and a good performance from fishfinder, this device should surely be your choice. As you compare the Pro and Cons. Apart from the Absence of the dual beam, this device is good to go.

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Short History about Garmin

Garmin was established in Lenexa Kansas United States in the year 1989 by Min Kao and Gary Burrell. Their headquarters is located in Schaffhausen since 2010 in Switzerland. Garmin’s main products include GPS receivers and Avionics. With a revenue of $2.76 billion and a net income of $733 million, they are regarded as big giants in the fish finder and gps avionics niche.

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