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Best kayak paddle 2014 (updated 2018): review of the best selling


best kayak paddle

Every angler wants a strong paddle to use. Paddles have been with us , especially the fishermen for a very long time. The oldest paddle to be found has been dated 6200 BC and is kept at the Helms Museum in Hamburg-Harburg, Deutschland. This shows how paddle building has evolved for thousands of years.

Today’s paddles are designed with state of the art techniques to last long with durable materials like aluminum, polypropylene, stainless steel, vanish finish wood and other quality materials. The following list are displayed based on their best sellers remark both on amazon and eBay.

A best kayak paddle should be durable to withstand strong thrust and stroke when on the water, and a paddle that can last long for pushing against the surface of lakes and rivers and for propulsion when in a kayak. These paddles should not be easily broken with more effort. But the case is not entirely accurate. A paddle may make it way to the best sellers list but wouldn’t be all that durable as expected.

This article reviews the best kayak paddle list and tries to pin point the most durable and the less durable ones. The fact that a paddle is displayed here doesn’t assume it will be judged by all as the best. And the fact that a paddle made it way to the best sellers list doesn’t mean it is accurately durable . Most people buy products because of effective marketing about that product. Example is how consumers complain about the seasense wooden paddle, or the Solstice 3 piece adjustable carbon fibre paddle for not meeting their expectation.

So why do people continue to buy these products if they don’t meet their expectations? And also, why are some paddles more extensively complimented as been durable and cost effective like the sevylor heavy duty aluminum paddle or the Shoreline Marine x-ii paddle .

These paddles made their way to the best list but reviews and comments showed how they were not embraced by most buyers.
This article will review all this top 10 best sellers list and welcomes any comment and discussion. But with some considerations like, why should these paddles be best sellers both from amazon and eBay? Why do people continue to buy these types of paddles? Perhaps you viewers might drop us some comments explaining further. If you bought one of these paddles and they met your expectations, you can drop us a review to it or if they didnt meet yours, you should tell others.

But all we will do is display them and try to review their functions and features plus their materials made and their durability and long lasting as a product.

Image Paddle Features/Material Price Rating
Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminum Kayak Paddle polypropylene blades, aluminium shaft $ 4.5
Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle Rounded Blade 96-Inch corrosion resistant aluminium shaft $ 4.4
Sevylor Heavy-Duty Aluminum-Shaft Oars lightweight aluminium shafts, stainless-steel connectors $ 4.2
Seasense Wooden Paddle wooden, vanish finish $ 3.6
Solstice 3-Piece Carbon Fiber Adjustable Paddle Carbon fiber $ 2.8
Intex kayak paddle oars lightweight aluminium shaft $ 4.2
seasense x treme ii kayak paddle feathered blade $ 4.4
shoreline aluminum paddle aluminium shaft, lightweight $ 4.0
shoreline marine x ii paddle drip guards, foam grips $ 4.6
lifetime kayak youth paddle with shaft aluminum lightweight, asymmetrical polypropylene blades $ 4.3


Kayak paddles are grouped into feathered and un-feathered. Paddles are also measured in the placement of the degree of feather from 30, 45, or 90 degrees. Current paddles of today are made with the advantages of both the feathered and un-feathered features and can be snapped together to attain it.

Some are also made with the privilege of reducing the strain on the wrist by making the paddle more comfortable to the angler with a crank to adjust. A best kayak paddle once again must possess all these features and functions and luckily to them they have.

Most expensive paddles weight not more than 22 ounces and are made with lighter fibreglass or carbon fibre shaft. While cheaper paddles are made with aluminium shaft. As an angler, you must know the kind of paddle to use for your right size and height and kayak. The most typical size is 230, but depending on the width of your kayak or boat will determine the best paddle size. The wider your kayak or boat, the longer a paddle is suppose to be. If you have a short torso, then your paddle should be a little bit longer.


Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminum Kayak Paddle

Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminum Kayak Paddle

The Carlisle day tripper paddle is made with aluminum with a polypropylene blade material. With a lightweight tempered aluminum shaft material which weight about 37 ounce and a length of about 230 centimeters.

Variations of blade colors like the black shaft color and the the silver color. With a push of a button, this paddle can be turned to either feathered at 60 degrees for your right or left hand when controlling. With a 4.5 rating from viewers, this paddle got good response from buyers and users who proclaimed it to be decent, cost-effective, very good and great for it price.

The Carlisle day tripper can also be used as a spare paddle with it unique storage facility. It is designed three sizes, 240 cm or 94 inches, 230 cm or 90 inches and 220 cm or 86 inches. This Carlisle tripper paddle is very good in-terms of price comparison. If you are looking for a low price yet cost effective and quality paddle ,then this is type. Check the current price of the Carlisle day tripper kayak.

Shoreline Marine Kayak Paddle Rounded Blade 96-Inch

shoreline marine kayak

The shoreline marine kayak paddle is a rounded blade 96 inches long with drip guards purposely to help you keep dry. With it three positional systems, your paddling customization is secured. All you have to do is to adjust the paddle to the position you prefer.

You also get a foam grip for your comfort. Another great feature of the shoreline marine kayak is it unique design with the contour of the blade. This helps to propel well by throwing more water and pushing your kayak or boat further. With it corrosion resistant aluminum paddle, it lies in the safe and long lasting zone of deterioration.

It lightweight design will allow the paddler to travel at a very long distance with less effort. There is a standard detachment button to allow breakdown. With a material of polymer and plastic. These materials are very difficult to break or crack. And the feathered feature even makes it more functional if you are left or right handed. Check the current price of the shoreline marine kayak paddle.

Sevylor Heavy Duty Aluminum Paddle

sevylor heavy duty aluminium shaft oars got a 4.2 out of 5 from it rating. Most people reviewed this pair paddle as durable and cost-effective. So far this paddle received good feedback and remarks.

The sevylor heavy duty aluminum shaft with oars makes it more functional for the sevylor inflatable kayaks. With it durability and lightweight aluminum shafts which measures 59 inches long and with a stainless steel material connectors, this paddle is stronger, equipped and cost-effective taking it current price into consideration.

With a 5.5 inches blades and a special ribbed hand for gripping and comfort plus security. This paddle is normally sold as a pair with most people buying the Sevylor fish hunter inflatable kayak together.

The most powerful thing about the sevylor heavy duty aluminum shaft paddle is it stainless steel connectors. With the exposure of oxygen and water, stainless steel is much appreciated.
Check the current price of the sevylor heavy duty paddle.


Seasense Wooden Paddle

Trying to discuss and talk about this paddle is a test to my professional writing and a test to my nobility and honesty. Honestly, this kayak is no match for the others but it still got itself a best seller. To my investigation, most people love it beautiful design, it wooden style, and it Vanish filled skin.
For decoration purpose, this kayak looks really worthy. But for a professional kayaking or fishing with a boat to travel long distance on the water, you must look for a backup paddle in case it breaks.

Seasense wooden paddle has been part of the best sellers paddle list and this has really made me think about how some aspect of products make their way to best sellers list even though they don’t hold much quality and durability. To a personal observational analysis, even though this wooden paddle got 3.6 rating out of 5. Most people buy this paddle for decoration purpose.

It sure looks nice, can be given as a gift to someone you really think loves and likes fishing and kayaking.  With it contour shape-like grip and vanish finishing, as well as it clam package, on palm grip for easy display, Your money is worth for its beauty but not its durability.
Check the current price of the seasense wooden paddle.

Solstice 3 piece carbon fiber kayak Paddle

The solstice 3 piece carbon fibre paddle is a carbon fiber construction which makes it easy to adjust with a compression system. With an ergonomic T handle for easier paddling relief.

Its adjustment height is 67 inches to 87 inches with a composite blade. Note: This paddle made it way to the best sellers list but to my investigation, most buyers complained of broken shaft and questioned whether this paddle is a carbon fiber or not. With a rating of 2.8 is not bad for such a paddle.

The advice for this paddle is: you must be less handy when working with this paddle. Applying too much pressure will break it as complained by most. Perhaps it made for low current lakes and rivers and pools as well. But not for professional and long distance kayaking.

Check the current price of the seasense wooden paddle.

Intex kayak Paddle Oars

The Intex kayak paddle or boat oars is a combo paddle which can also create a single paddle for a kayak. With a double boat oars, a 98 inches length when connected together and can be converted to two 48 inches oars.

Its a lightweight but very strong aluminium shaft with a retainer drip rings, and ribbed blades for extra strength. This paddle is most suited for the Intex kayak from sevylor inflatable.

With a large back blade, this paddle can pull more water backwards and push the kayak or boat further with less effort.
Most reviewers commented on it strong aluminum Intex oars with a sturdy, lightweight and strong unbreakable shaft.
This paddle is surely great for professional paddlers and anglers with kayaks.

Check the current price of the intex kayak paddle oars.

Seasense x-treme ii kayak paddle

The seasense x-treme II kayak paddle is a feathered featured blade design with two-piece construction for easy storage and a support ridge for an extra strength. With Adjustable drip guards and a three locking positions.

With an 84 inches black paddle, this paddle has been reviewed by most consumers as quality, durable and a good paddle for the price. Most were also happy with the drip guards and the foamy grips for the hands which made paddling a lot more easier without bruising the hands for a long time pushing and paddling.

Most people are very happy with the grip feature of this paddle.

Check the current price of the seasense x-treme ii kayak paddle.

    1. I just bought the sevlor heavy duty aluminium. Hoping it will meet my expectation. i was looking for a stronger paddle,and also light weight. Will come back and update when i see anything out of the ordinary or any thing good
      by the way . thanks for a great review. was very helpful stephen.

    1. pls does anybody know anything about the solstice fibre kayak paddle? a friend told me she uses one and its good. but will like anyone to give more comment on it so will know what am buying. will appreciate if i get more info before the end of this week. thanks

        • hello peter,
          one thing you must know about the solstice fibre paddle is its price. The price is relatively lower than the others. Other factors to consider is you don’t really have to be handy to use it. When you apply too much strength and pressure to it may break it, as most reviews say from both amazon and eBay. Most of the time, it is designed for low current rivers and lakes. so consider where you are going to use it. If it just a slow and cool peaceful lake or river, go for it because the price is good. other than that, will advice you to go for extra stronger ones like the sevylor heavy duty aluminum or the carlisle paddle. Thanks for dropping by.

    1. hey guyz
      I just bought the sevylor heavy duty aluminum, loved it cos have used one borrowed from a friend. I also bought one of the seasense wooden paddle. well i am not going to use that one for paddling. lol. will use it as a decoration. it really looks nice. i like the shiny polished. maybe i will use it for baseball. hahaha. ok nice review though.

        • hello john,
          yeah nice of you to buy one of them heavy duty aluminum paddle. with the wooden one, yeah sure you can use it for decoration. but for the baseball, lol i dont know. haha

    1. Hi,
      Nice article. Loved it. I think I also prefer the shorline aluminum. It looks durable n through the reviews I have read havnt read any bad review. Sounds good to me.

        • Hi, nice review and article. am even shocked people like the shoreline paddle. my dad used to use a shoreline and i have really grown to love it. so when i read this article, it sought of lighted an old candle inside me since it has been a very long time since i really went fishing on a long trip that really required more paddling and a strong one like the shoreline. i like other paddles, but i must i admit personally that the shoreline paddle is the best. peace.

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